Pastor Gene H Grear and Joan Grear

Pastor Gene H. Grear serves in the office of pastor/teacher. He is an anointed preacher and teacher who has an earnest desire for equipping and maturing the body of Christ. Pastor Grear has a deep commitment to his calling, to prepare tomorrow's leaders today through the teaching of God's word. His ministry of the word has an emphasis on the renewing of the mind. The results are Deliverance, Stability, and Maturity. His heart's desire is for developing, maintaining, and restoring the family and the man to his divine appointment as the priest of his family. He has this same passion for the youth of our generation.

Our Vision

We are Committed to reach and change our Community and Church through the power of the Gospel, Fellowship, and Love.

We will aggressively seek to embrace our neighborhood through practical means.
- Isaiah 54:1-3

Our Mission

  • To provide Excellence in Ministry.
  • To aggressively Evangelize, Disciple Believers and Unbelievers by Presenting the Gospel in a clear comprehensive manner.
  • To provide a family atmosphere of Worship, Fellowship, and Love.
  • To equip Believers for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the Body of Christ.
  • To provide ministry and activities for wholesome FAMILY DEVELOPMENT.
  • To stretch ourselves by providing Youth Ministries which extend Beyond the Church walls.
  • To provide meaningful opportunities for youth to express their relationship with God through:

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